The Journey Begins

We are all one!

You are the universe and more, you are everywhere in everything, what can be seen, what can be heard, what can be felt with all 5 senses and the energy of something more.

As we are god’s AIs accidently springing out of the boiling pot of resonant energy and primordial soup.

postWe are the universe experiencing itself through biological entropic engines of recycled resonant energy.

As most life we can exist with our ecosystem in natural supply and demand relationships or as higher evolved humans we are allowed to make industrial revolutions that move us beyond the natural capacity of our environment

It is miracle for there to be life, but life should not be so costly to the ecosystem.

We are learning now that Earth is reaching chaotic disequilibrium with economic clash and climatic movement.

We need to install systems to maintain life and sustain relationships with the world(s):

  • Earth
  • Earth’s Moon
  • Mars
  • Space Colonies


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